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p242 Hunting Bipod
p242 Hunting Bipod
p242 Hunting Bipod
p242 Hunting Bipod
p242 Hunting Bipod
p242 Hunting Bipod
p242 Hunting Bipod

p242 Hunting Bipod

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The p242 adjusts from a 5" prone position all the way to a 42" seated/knee height position, which is perfect for the more serious hunter standing over 6 foot tall. With 37 inches of vertical travel & coming in at just 20 ounces, it is the most versatile stable hunting bipod on the market.

The design of this versatile hunting bipod allows you to #getROKSTEDi for precision long range prone shots while still giving you the ability to take mid range seated shots while hunting in steep topography & varying terrain. 

The p242 can also be detached from your rifle in just seconds which allows you to stow it in your backpack, truck or stow it on your rifle.

p242 STATS

Design Intent:  Provide stability for steep angle seated mountain shots while not sacrificing long range prone stability for more serious hunters over 6'

Height Travel: 5-42" ground to center of the bore 

Weight:  20 ounces 

Stowed Lengths: 20.75" Reverse Stow, 23.25" Traditional Stow

Detachable:  Quick Pica-tinny Lock & Release (more options coming soon)

Adjustments:  3/4 Ball Head w/ Tension Lever & Pan/Tilt Lock Out (40 degree cant, 360 degree pan & 45 degree tilt)

Feet:  Machined Aluminum Spiked Feet w/ Rubber Sleeve Option

Leg Latches:  Precision Aluminum Twist Lock

Materials: Type 3 Hard Anodized 6061/7075 Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubes

Warranty:  5 Year Repair or Replacement

*Final production bipod may vary slightly from the above model & details.

Made in the USA except for carbon fiber tubes 

Is the p242 the right size hunting bipod for you?

Your Height 5'5"- 6'0" 6'0" - 6'6"
Suggested Bipod Model p234 p242