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HK P226 Bipod Max Height 24" w/ center of bore at 25-26"
HK P226 Bipod
HK P226 Bipod Weight, Height & Attachments
HK P226 Bipod
HK P226 Bipod vertical travel & weight

HK P226 Bipod

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The HK P226 bipod adjusts from a 8" prone position all the way to a 24" seated position, which is perfect for the more serious hunter standing under 6' tall that hunts flatter terrain or gets prone more often than not.

Just like all of our HK line of bipods, the HK P226 has up to 140 degrees of CANT adjustment w/ an integrated long kip lever for easy tuning. At an amazing 13.5 oz while having 16 inches of vertical travel, the HK P226 bipod is lightest true prone-to-seated bipod!

The simple yet innovative design of the HK P226 bipod allows you to #getROKSTEDi for precision long range prone shots in steep mountains while still giving you the ability to take mid range seated shots in less mountainous country.

The HK P226 can be detached from your rifle in just seconds which allows you to stow it in your backpack, truck or on your rifle.



*STATS may vary slightly based on feet options, attachments & production processes.

Design Intent:  for serious hunters under 6' wanting the lightest bipod for prone-to-seated shots.

Height Travel: 8-24" ground to top of the bipod

Weight:  13.5 ounces (LIGHTEST PRONE-to-SEATED BIPOD)

Stowed Lengths: 16.25" Reverse Stow, 19" Traditional Stow

Recommeded Rifle Weight: 5-15 Ibs

Seated Height Range: 16-24"

Lowest Prone Position Foot Print: 8" height at 17.5 FP, 12.25" height at 24.5 FP, 16" height at 13 FP

Detachable Connection:  Picatinny Attachment or Arca Attachment  PICATINNY & ARCA RAIL FOR RIFLE IS NOT INCLUDED

CANT Adjustment:  80-140 degrees (No Pan/Tilt)

Feet Options:  Machined Aluminum Spiked Feet or Aluminum Spiked Feet w/ Rubber Covers 

GEN2 Leg Locks:  Aluminum/stainless internal twist locking mechanism designed to hold over 90 pounds while reducing weight & leg bulk.

Materials:  Type 3 Hard Anodized 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass & 3k Plain Weave Matte Carbon Fiber Tubes

Warranty:  5 Years Replacement or Repair

Made in the USA (w/ some globally sourced parts) 


California Mandated Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

*Shipping outside of the United States may require import duties & fees.

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James Jeffries
Great Bi-Pod

I heard about the bi-pod from a Jay Scott podcast and had to check them out. I ordered one and when it arrived I was impressed. It is made well and looks great. I like the may different angles you can get with it. It was a little pricey but well worth it.